Tuesday, October 1, 2013

El Sombrero


As Bowery Boogie reported last week, El Sombrero, aka The Hat, will be closing for good very soon. But not as soon as we thought.

Regina Bartkoff, a long-time waitress at the restaurant, says they probably won't be closing until early December. "Everybody jumped because of the community board announcement," she told me. "I walked into the restaurant and was shocked to see people there! All telling me they thought we were closing Oct 7 and all telling me they haven't been there for 15 years or so."

Back in February, I reported that the Ludlow Street classic (since 1984) was on its last legs. Said Regina at the time, "We have been losing our regular customers steadily, due to them not being able to pay the rents on the LES and being forced out." In April, we tried a cash mob--with free margaritas--and no one showed up.

A Facebook page is coming to keep people up to date. And Regina notes, "Happy Hour is all the time, if you buy a large frozen Margarita, you get a small for free and all beers are $4."

So get to The Hat before it's gone.

The Hat
Cash Mob


Gojira said...

In the 1980s they had a charming hand-painted sign notifying the world that they "specialtying" in Mexican food. Always loved that.

Anonymous said...

not for nothing, but perhaps it's not so much that people are moving from the 'hood (while true) as much as the fact that there's a lot better cheap Mexican food around these days than there was in the '80s and 90's.