Monday, October 14, 2013

Elk Hotel for Rent

When I went inside the closed Elk Hotel last year, I was told that the place had been sold in a purchase that nearly completed the acquisition of an entire block of tenements along 9th Avenue between 41st and 42nd Streets.

Now the Real Deal reports that the Elk and its neighboring parcels have been put on the market "with brokers expecting offers of about $2 million per year in triple net rent." Said the broker, “The highest and best use is multi-floor retail. It would be a great branding opportunity with high visibility on 42nd Street."

(It would also require a gutting that would curl toes.)

The Elk is closed and vacant, but there are several other businesses still here, all included in the parcels up for rent.

When last I checked, there was a 99-cent pizza place, a Papaya Dog, a barber shop, and the dive bar (with free nuts) Dave's Tavern, along with a few others.

It's a regular New York corner, a bunch of cheap joints, nothing fancy. But with the glassy Orion tower behind it, and the new luxury hotel to come across the street, regular New York will get the boot.

Inside the Elk
Elk Pepsi Sign
Elk Hotel


Mykola ( Mick) Dementiuk said...

In the 1990s on the corner was a health food store with a Chinese fast food store right next door on 10th Ave. I always chose the Chinese place over the health food. The Elk had been there for many years and I used to pass by looking nostalgically at it, I had spent many days and nights there in the 1970s. Much stoned laughter, puking and tears were spilled in the Elk, still looks nostalgic for my memories but the hell with that place, glad that it's going, good riddance.

Mykola ( Mick) Dementiuk said...

There's also my book about my stay at the Elk Hotel sort of

ShatteredMonocle said...

Dave's is a crazy place. Same circuit as Holland for when you're really on a mission.

79rigid said...

I like Dave's.One of the first bars I went to in New York.That area sure is changing.

Anonymous said...

The ELK was a crack house and not worth keeping.
I went in there once and was DISGUSTED. It was just plain disgusting. I am all for old new york but this place was a giant Fleabag motel and filled with hookers.