Thursday, September 12, 2013

Overheard at Arturo's #2

If you get to Arturo's early enough, before the evening rush, you get to sit at the bar with a group of old Italian men from the neighborhood.

I heard this from one of those guys during the last heat wave:

"It's too hot to eat. You know what I had yesterday? A couple pieces of Iceberg lettuce, one thick slice of cheese, and four or five crackers. That's it! All day! Jesus, it's too hot to eat."

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Crazy Eddie said...

Forget about it!

Unknown said...

Fabulous! I, too, love the colorful New Yawk-flavored conversations that take place at that bar...vibrant, funny, real, devoid of gentrified entitlement crap. Not to mention, the pizza is fabulous. This place is a treasure.

Anonymous said...

Usualy when I post here it's in anger but this time I can say that I actually love something that's still here. I love Arturo's and the waiter that always says 'howdy, howdy' (is he still there?). Great pizza! I hope they have a long-ass lease!!

Anonymous said...

When Pino's Meat Market was first under threat, and the new money and its rents had taken Rocco's, and then Joe's Dairy, I remember bumping into some of the old guard in the street--they said Raffeto's and Arturo's are the very last of the originals.

These places are not relics. They are vibrating with a kind of energy that can never be bought and never be produced over a few years. It takes time. Generations. Personality.