Friday, September 27, 2013

*Everyday Chatter

After being on its last legs for awhile, El Sombrero, aka The Hat, is leaving Ludlow Street. [BB]

Remembering the Ludlow Street Cafe. [FP]

Take a look at Ludlow Street 10 years ago and today. [J&KM]

The Back Fence shuttered before it's officially shuttered. [DNA]

Some guy is selling Brooklyn rocks as artisanal souvenirs. [DM]

On the vanishing of the Blarney Stone. [GAF]

10/10 at Bluestockings: Join Cathryn of the Washington Square Park blog for the official release of Tales of Washington Square Park and a discussion about the city's privatization of public spaces. [BSB]

23-year-old Stuyvesant Stationery Shop to close. [EVG]

Don't miss the latest installation of "Dirty Old New York"--a painstaking compilation of 1970s NYC movie scenes. [OOS]


Anonymous said...

Mission Accomplished: East Village fully destroyed.

I'm outta here. Ain't worth it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Add to this list the impending bankruptcy of the New York City Opera, a 70-year old institution that, along with others, made New York City one of the finest culture capitals of the world.

It's the calculated annihilation of a once-great city culture as we knew it. An agonizing tragedy.

Anonymous said...

The 3rd Ave Blarney was a temple for me that I visited frequently until I moved to a different borough so that I could still pay the rent, and though I drank whiskey there two months ago, I see now it had already begun to fade in my memory like the woolworths at 42nd & 3rd, or the divey webers that used to be across from the library, places i took as normal at the time but now live in my memory like the great black & white photos of nyc from the 50s. Getting old, and it makes me sad: like privacy, it seems authenticity is too doomed, an artifact from a world made obsolete by the rise of shimmery digital facades everywhere we look...

Ed said...

On the Back Fence, the city shutting the bar before its official closing happened with the Mars Bar too. This is probably done deliberately, to prevent a crowd from gathering on the schedule last night of the place.

I kind of get the same feeling as Anonymous 10:35 these days, though a little different. These days if I am in a place that survived the Bloomeberg era -even some places that opened in 2002- I get the feeling that I am in a Disneyworld recreation of "Olde New York". Even where the physical locations still survive somehow, nearly all the people have gone. Whatever that was, it was remarkably complete.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

I'm heartbroken to hear the Blarney Stone is gone. Every day the week after Sandy last year, I trekked up there out of the dark zone for a hot meal and to get some news. I can't think of another place like it and it will be sorely missed.

Brendan said...

City Opera bankruptcy is official. The first performance of any kind I saw in New York was there (Carmen in 2003). This is pretty sad.