Friday, August 23, 2013

*Everyday Chatter

Wednesday, Aug 28, rally to keep Quinnberg out of office--5pm at 7th Ave and Greenwich. [FB]

Greenpoint to get a massive condo tower complex complete with Poor Door. [NYS]

A review of the Bloomberg years. [NYer]

Cool and horrifying maps on how Bloomberg reshaped New York. [NYT]

The truth about Bloomberg's record on affordable housing. [Awl]

Even the milk is getting too expensive in East Harlem. [NYP]

Confessions of a Harlem gentrifier. [Salon]

Inside Red Hook's abandoned grain terminal. [Curbed]

Cats in windows. [TGL]

The ramen place that replaced 42-year-old Love Saves the Day has closed, after just a few years. And that's how this goes. [EVG]

New murals and graffiti photos from NYC in the 90s. [NYC90s]


Little Earthquake said...

Re: the Salon article: He's lived across the street from the Abyssinian Church for six months, admiring it from his window, but still hasn't gone inside. Instead he self-flagellates over his role as a "gentrifier."

The average human being is a coward.

ShatteredMonocle said...

From the New Yorker piece...
Bloomberg: “I haven’t had a vacation in twelve years,”

Doesn't he weekend in Bermuda?

sMacThoughts said...

Here's one for ya:

Get's my goat how all these ugly slick buildings are taking over the little neighborhoods like leprosy.

laura said...

poor door (greenpoint): where else in the world does the govt pay for the poor to live in luxery? where else in the world is this not good enough? i say "get a life"! a developer can put entrances where ever he wants. now since part of the rent comes from the govt, then the entrance thing becomes an "issue". do a vote: how many poor or middle income people care where their entrance is? none. this is a "sue OP". clear as day. no good deed goes unpunished.

Sinestra said...

Whether lower income people care about the "poor door" is totally not the issue. And these units are not subsidized to the poor- they are subsidizing the rich developers who get literally hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks per property for these small concessions.
NY'ers will not benefit from billions a year in lost tax revenue from companies that can well afford it, all for the very low cost of a little bit of space they get thousands of extra square footage to rent or sell at luxury prices, easily making up for the "lost revenue" with extra height beyond zoning laws. A giveaway to RE interests.
Why have 2 different doors that are segragated by class? Why not have 2 doors that everyone may use depending on what side of the building they are coming from? It is segregation based on class and what's scary is that people see nothing wrong with it and aim their animosity instead at working class people, not the wealthy developers who are laughing all the way to the bank or our gov't "representatives" who idly stand by as NYC becomes a playground for the wealthy, the transient and the corporate class.