Friday, August 2, 2013

*Everyday Chatter

Help save Manhattan's only LGBTQ bookstore. [VV]

"The MoRUS Film Fest will kick off with a bang this weekend with the 25th Anniversary Tompkins Riot Reunion Films." [Villager]

A goodbye video to Big Nick's. [vimeo]

Ancient, hand-painted Utah House sign destroyed by the Market Cafe. [NYN]

Carroll Gardens loses another old Italian businesses--Mastellone's has closed. [CGP]

Check out El Barrio Tours and help take the film and dialogue series to cities all across the country dealing with gentrification. [IGG]

Saying goodbye to the 5 Pointz graffiti mecca. [Curbed]

7B/Vazac's and a life in the movies. [EVG]

A collection of 80 amazing photos of the city in the 70s and 80s. [SC]

The Eagle sign--plucked. [OMFS]

Inside the Strand's Central Park book stalls. [UC]

Rents are skyrocketing. [Gothamist]

Get your Disney-inspired "Times SquareLand" t-shirt right here. [RB]

The great JJ's Navy Yard is now a hipster coffee joint. [Gothamist]

Who's bumping you on the sidewalk?
In case you missed it, take a look at the results of my sidewalk-bumping survey.


JAZ said...

I know The Back Fence is being chased out due to the standard drastic rent hike (aka being located on Bleecker), but it's still booking acts through August from what I understand.

sorry if this has been covered already and I missed it, but has anyone heard any news?

Brendan said...

Nick just posted on facebook that they're selling all their stuff, all but crushing my hope that they'll reopen elsewhere.

Incredibly sad.

Anonymous said...

it was probably on your blog that I read some speculation that the linking of the bway laffayette to the uptown 6 plus expansion of the station entrances might lead to the closing of the subway sandwich shop, well i walked by there on Saturday and there was a sign saying they are closed for good and thank you for 10 years of support, i don't really love subway but at least it was something people can afford to eat as opposed to $400 jeans or whatever else shows up there.