Friday, August 16, 2013

*Everyday Chatter

"Bill de Blasio will reportedly hold a press conference this Mon., Aug. 19, at noon, at the site of the former St. Vincent’s Hospital" ...and he'll be promising a new hospital. [Villager]

A goodbye to Jackie's 5th Amendment. [OMFS]

New owners to take over Kossar's Bialys. [TLD

You still have a little bit of time to dine at the original Odessa before it's gone. [EVG]

Watching the "Wall Dogs" paint. [WIC]

"A New York socialite was living there [before] and her boyfriend, who happened to be well known graffiti artist, painted it as a housewarming," Young explained.  "I thought it was an asset for the right person. It was such a cute pre-war apartment, and it was just really cute to have this graffiti." [DNA]

Young women dig through the garbage for spoiled cronuts. [Gothamist]

New UWS development comes with a separate door for the poor. [WSR]

Wayne Koestenbaum on Debbie Harry at the Supermarket. [NYer]

Great photos of Orchard Beach, the Bronx Riviera. [Agonistica]

Hotel St. James neon. [NYN]


laura said...

POOR ENTRANCE: read the artical. its a zoning thing. you have a luxury building w/affordable rents. the govt will pay some of the rent as well w/section 8. someone is complaining??? gee, i would even walk thru the basement to live there. it is NOT a god given "right" to live in luxury, it is a govt gift. see?? its never enough.

Mitch said...

The article about turning pay phones into charging stations refers to charging stations for *cars*, not cell phones.

Jeremiah Moss said...

thanks Mitch

Sinestra said...

Those pictures of Orchard Beach are fantastic.

Sinestra said...

Those are not section 8 apartments- it is a housing lottery for certain incomes. And the luxury developer is making 100 million alone from the "gift" of up-zoning not to mention the continued profits from all that extra square footage that they can develop that was given to them for their offering some affordable units. It is a negotiation: you want to have a building that is bigger than the law allows- the caveat- you must offer some units at a certain income level.
Many places mix the units in to the building. Others act like these jerks and have segregated the lower income people and act as if they have done them a favor. They haven't- they are paying for the rent and it is a housing lottery to make up for the fact that the developer got a HUGE gift of extra floors beyond what zoning laws say is legal for the area.
Stop hating on working people- they are not the ones complaining. It is everyone who hears of this who finds it tacky and distasteful.
The message many people are deriving is: we don't want the wealthy people to have to share the same space as them- even in the lobby/ elevator/ sidewalk. God forbid!