Thursday, August 23, 2012

*Everyday Chatter

On Broadway near 12th, Union Square is getting a 7-11 and a Pret A Manger. Will the chaining never end?

In a city increasingly clogged with 7-11's, neighbors welcome "corporate greed" of Grand St.'s 7-11. [BB]

Check out Chris Arnade's lovely photos of the uncelebrated people of Brooklyn and the Bronx. [CAP]

The "charmingly shabby" interiors of 104 E. 10th, from which last bohemian Edgar Oliver was evicted. [EVG]

Checking in with zombie restaurants and what happened to Fedora. [GAF]

Recently shuttered Lafayette French bakery to be replaced by trendy restaurant. [Eater]

"Stop sucking up to Bloomberg. Why is New York's mayor perpetually portrayed as a hero? Because journalists fear him..." [Salon]

Gay rights landmark faces demolition. [GVSHP]

The New Museum on the art of the old Bowery it helped to oust. [Gothamist]

Developers are lusting to gut your walk-up and send you packing. [NYT]


Uncle Waltie said...

"Pret A Manger" has a shop on B'way between 17th & 18th Streets.
I guess people must like their
"Tuna & Rocket Bloomers" (no idea what it is, but saw that on their menu)

Laura Goggin Photography said...

I helped move an artist friend out of his studio on the Bowery. His rent had increased astronomically since the New Museum opened across the street. As his paintings were being loaded onto a truck, a walking tour passed by, the guide telling the tourist of all the great artists who 'used' to live/work there. I wanted to scream.

Claribel said...

Thank you for the link to Chris Arnade's web site. Sounds like the criticism he receives is not unlike the criticism of Shelby Lee Adam's photography of families in Appalachia. But the criticism is lazy. Not a lot of people take the time Arnade does to get outside their routines or comfort zones to pay attention and listen to other people from other walks of life, not as a kind of exotica, but just as everyday people with stories that offer perspective and something to learn. That's what disappearing from NYC and across this country and it's a damn shame.