Monday, August 6, 2012

*Everyday Chatter

Meet the B-girls, pimps, and high-class prostitutes of 1950s NYC--in a used bookstore find. [PRD]

Another East Village record shop succumbs to high rent. [EVG]

Mom and pops survive on Court Street--because they own the buildings. [Crain's]

“I talked to a corporate group cruising Broadway with a map of planned 7-Elevens throughout Tribeca. ‘It’s coming,’ was all they had to say. So many 7-Eleven sites on their map! I was talking to another reader the other day and she said how she and her husband shop at 7-Eleven all the time, because it’s so convenient. 'Don’t do it!' I fairly yelled at her. 'Move to the suburbs if that’s what you want!'" [TC]

Shiny upscale boutique opens in the former space of a Clean Well-Lighted Place, one of western Bleecker's last small businesses. [Racked]

Reflecting on the "plague year" at the Chelsea Hotel. [LWL]

An ode to the loss of the DOMA Cafe--now some kind of surf shop. [JT]

Saving bookstores with the power of crowds. [PP]

Have your life's regrets turned into street art--the regretproject:

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laura said...

7/11"s in tribeca? will they look the same as broadway? or will it blend into the architecture? will there be big signs? any info?