Monday, August 13, 2012

*Everyday Chatter

10 reasons why you should help St. Mark's Bookshop move to a new location. [KSPL]

Only 4 days left to make a donation so St. Mark's gets the funds already pledged. Send them a few bucks today! [LA]

On Williamsburg, the "Last Bohemia," gentrification, and all that stuff. [VV]

"Narratively," a new project to tell New York's stories, looks like it's doing something interesting. Give them a kickstart, if you like how it sounds. [KS]

Utrecht art supply store is leaving 4th Avenue. [EVG]

Rare and lovely shots inside abandoned Shore Theater of Coney Island. [youtube]

Luxury Bleecker comes east with Intermix on Bond St. [BB]

Joan Jett at Coney Island. [TWM]

"One hundred and sixty-eight bleak Decembers ago or thereabouts, Edgar Allan Poe sat before a fireplace in a farmhouse on a high bluff on what would someday be called the Upper West Side, composing a poem..." [CR]

Finding the Hotel Cavalier. [NYN]

Cool Culinaria sells prints of vintage NYC menus. [CC]


Grand St. said...

That's funny. Just saw (for the first time) that billboard on 10th a few hours ago. Any idea what it means?

onemorefoldedsunset said...

On menus: Bonnie Slotnick's Cookbooks, on West 10th, has some great original NY menus for sale, & I really recommend anyone who hasn't been there before to go by. This is one of the classic independent bookstore-salons & Bonnie is wryly brilliant. It's worth calling ahead before you go, as she keeps her own hours, & might just be on mounted horse patrol in the Bronx ...