Wednesday, April 25, 2012

*Everyday Chatter

"Chelsea Hotel Rooftop Club Approved by Landmarks in Secret Conclave"--tenants kept out of the loop as Landmarks "rammed through their approval of a massive rooftop addition to the Historic Hotel." [LWL]

I still haven't gotten into the amazing treasure trove of historic NYC photos--the Department of Records website has been swamped by "overwhelming demand." [DOR]

Last call at Lakeside Lounge. [EVG] & [NYT]

A swizzle stick at "21." [TWM]

Paintings of the New York "everyman." [CR]

Enjoy the weird and cranky reviews of NYC by George Leonard Herter. [PRD]

Paris Review Daily

Sensitive Skin #8 comes out this week--with a gala reading at the Bowery Poetry Club Sunday, 4/29 at 7:30pm. [SS]

A new dairy luncheonette for Diamond Row. [LC]

Enjoying the White Horse Tavern's neon sign. [NYN]

Gonzalez Y Gonzalez returns after vanishing--but Chipotle keeps the local old-timer under its thumb, forbidding Gonzalez from selling tacos and burritos because the mega-chain doesn't want the competition. [DNA]

Bloomberg is still hoping the Wal-Mart devil will suck the remaining soul from New York City. [Crain's]


maximum bob said...

Filmatix said...

This latest outrage regarding the Chelsea Hotel is heartbreaking. I can just imagine the doucheoisie that'll gather for the first jam: probably an iPhone launch party or some shite.

If it does happen, this presents an opportunity for some inventive Fight Club/Project Mayhem-type protest. I wonder if owners/residents of the surrounding buildings that will be sudjected to the shrieking, vapid din of entitled iZombies will be willing to help out with some creative expressions of dissent.

Crazy Eddie said...

Screw Kaufman, the Chetrits, and the LPC. May they all rot. And, I am sorry, where is Pattie Smith now? Her silence speaks volumes.

Ed said...

Did people really go to Gonzalez y Gonzalez for the food?

Ms. said...

Just received this link to the Guardian post of NYC hundred year old photos--

randall said...

eh. Here's a fun game to play... Would you rather they tear the Chelsea Hotel down and put up a glass tower OR let it live on in it's current incarnation?

laura said...

the building stays. cant you be happy about anything? who the hell is patty smith anyway? she has minimal talent. her screeching & noise get me crazy. she owns a brownstone worth millions. not a bad person, but why do you look to her? she has no power, unless she buys back the hotel.