Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Atlas Meats Gone

The demolition of Atlas Meats is complete. Where once stood a historic meatpacking plant, there is now an empty lot, covered with gravel and surrounded by a shiny, new chain-link fence.


same view, June 2011

In the fresh emptiness, the battering ram High Line is now visible. Alongside, where Interstate Foods had its sign, there's nothing but a hollow. And so "MePa" is swept even cleaner, as this space awaits another glass tower.


same view, 2011

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Ed said...

Wasn't Third Avenue on the East Side, you know, the most boring streetscape in Manhattan, once a seedy, raucus area at one time?


What a shame. These are the buildings that define the neighborhood. At what point do we start calling it the "$20 cocktail district?"