Monday, April 16, 2012

Beatrice Neon Update

The renovation of the Beatrice Inn neon sign by local shop Let There Be Neon is progressing. Jeff Friedman sends in a few shots of neon layout artist Rocky Pinciotti as he lays out the bending patterns for the sign.

all photos: Jeff Friedman

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JAZ said...

I love Let There Be Neon. I walk past it just about every day, and enjoy looking in through the window. I always wanted to go in, but haven't because I don't want to bother them.

Extremely disturbing articles this morning on 7-11s plans to overtake Manhattan with over 100 stores in the next few years. The fact that the head of the Small Business for NYC is quoted as thinking this is a good thing might be the most troubling part of all. It is really important for people to not buy anything at the 7-11s that already exist, so that they get second thoughts about putting up more.

c.o. moed said...

how fabulous!

Jeremiah Moss said...

JAZ, thanks--do you have the link?

JAZ said...

The 7-11 article was in today's Daily News. Might be able to fish it off their website.

JAZ said...

Here it is:

esquared™ said...

RE: 7-1 invasion

It's not just NYC, it's the U.S. of A. EV Grieve did a post on that

Marty Wombacher said...

Very cool to see the neon being restored! And I wholeheartedly agree with JAZ on not buying stuff at 7-Elevens!

kateoverseas said...

Maybe you'll get lucky, they pull out of cities when they get robbed too much--happened in Houston. (at least, so the story goes.)