Tuesday, September 28, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Not to be outdone by Sukkah City, a 16-year-old from Crown Heights has created the Pedi Sukkah--seen here in Chelsea:

I wrote here about Coney's World in Wax awhile ago--now Tricia Vita shares a rare cinematic glimpse inside with an unfinished film by Charles Ludlam. [ATZ]

The East Village is one of the country's most expensive neighborhoods. [Curbed]

Meet a top New York NIMBY. [Eater]

Chris Flash on limiting concerts in Tompkins Square Park: "we will not allow the use of our Park to be restricted by a self-appointed sound-nazi." [EVG]

In praise of wheelie stoplights. [FNY]

Vanishing City filmmakers in the news. [NYDN]

Reviewing James Franco's Ginsberg in Howl. [P&W]

Shooting fashion on Crusty Row. [EVC]

The Second Cemetery of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, at 6th and 11th, always seems a bit lonely. But someone has left stones for the dead--letting them know they are not completely forgotten:

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