Monday, September 27, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Bedbugs strike Macy's and Bloomingdale's. [Racked]

NYU's "LEV" gets slammed by angry commenters. [Curbed]

Streetside graffitists speculate on the fate of Sammy. [EVG]

As Coney's Henderson Building prepares for demo, a cat lurks nearby. Is this Hijinx, boss of the Coney cat gang? [ATZ]

A few years in the life, and death, of a Coney Island sign. [PS]

Touring Brownsville with David Freeland. [GLF]

On Staten Island, "the city, in its infinite wisdom, is paving paradise. And putting up a latrine." [NYP]


esquared™ said...

i'm sure the nyt/nyu lev posted that so that they can gauge on how many hits or people are actually reading that blog. i can't take that blog seriously as a source for things that are interests for the ev'ers. maybe for the rich trust fund kids living in the ev.

Anonymous said...

I went down to Cedar Grove in Staten Island on Saturday to have a look at what may be the last weekend for that community. Everybody (and it seemed like just about every resident was there, which makes sense) was either on their porch having a valedictory drink or packing up their cars. Here are some photos.

Tricia said...

Over the weekend I found out Hijinx is 18 yrs old now! Mostly seen in CIUSA office these days. Great photo of the cat sprawled across the desk by CIUSA photographer Norman Blake among the pix projected on the screen at the CI film fest.

Jeremiah Moss said...

then this grey cat must be a Hijinks offspring!

hoolsa said...

"Who are these people? Obviously they do not deserve to live in such a cool neighborhood. There are thousands and thousands of people who would love to move to the East Village and revel in its bars, restaurants, noise, traffic, and graffiti. Instead, the best hood for partying in the city winds up populated by shrinking violets with sensitive eardrums and early bedtimes."

Can't believe people like this exist.