Wednesday, September 15, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

In Brooklyn, an ancient pharmacy is preserved inside a coffee shop. [HPS]

A sidewalk bookseller asks, "If a saloon and bookstore can’t make it on the Upper West Side, what better evidence do you need than that of the decline of artistic and free thought? If this is happening here, what must you see in the hinterlands of America?" [NYT]

New York City leads the country in twits. [CR]

New book: Alphaville--a cop's memoir about "Alphabet City in 1988" when it "burned with heroin, radicalism, and anti-police sentiment."

It's not too late to live in Allen Ginsberg's former apartment. [EVG]

Half of New Yorkers are not worried about getting bedbugs. It's called denial. [WSJ]


City Of Strangers said...

Jeremiah - thanks for the link to 'Alphaville', I'll have to check it out soon. I heard a lot of the cops on the old LES were sort of a special breed.


Karen Lillis said...

>>If this is happening here, what must you see in the hinterlands of America?<< Actually, some of us left NY because it got too expensive, and are spreading the free thought around the hinterlands. My new city of Pittsburgh has a healthy number of bookstores for its size. In the last year, one popular bookstore expanded and added an annex, and two other bookstores opened.

Karen Lillis said...

Oh, and Barnes and Noble left Pittsburgh city limits for the suburbs.