Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Water Sampling Revealed

I have often wondered what is inside those water sampling stations all over the city. But, like Julius Knipl Real Estate photographer, I never got the chance to see one in use.

As imagined by artist Ben Katchor, there are men who go from station to station, tasting the water with a little cup.

art by ben katchor

I like this fantasy, but sadly, the truth of water sampling stations is not so romantic. In reality, there is no little cup. There are men who go from station to station (and probably women, too), but they don't taste the water. They pump it through a tube into some instruments in the back of their truck and, apparently, take some measurements which they write on a clipboard.

Another city mystery demystified.

Now that I've got you in a Ben Katchor mood, go see his latest musical, The Slug Bearers of Kayrol Island (click link for discount) -- opening at the Vineyard Theater near Union Square, February 12.

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