Monday, February 11, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

The A Building on 13th Street is sporting some icicley-looking design over the front desk in its lobby. They've shown before that they have a penchant for silver robots--and as we know, robots love iciness. Oh, it's all coming together...the condos, the robots...the clone wars rage on!

Since I enjoy breaking the news about Euro acceptance, here's another--Rapture Cafe on Ave A is taking E's:

Somehow in the New Year's fray, I missed the sad news that Bobby's Happy House, which I visited back in November, has finally closed down. It's been in Harlem since 1946. Now it will be demolished for an office/retail building. Bobby was not invited to rent in the new space. [NY Times]

Fazil's Times Square dance studio has closed after 73 years. I never knew it--wish I did--sounds like an incredible real-New-York kind of place, i.e., Judy Garland, vaudevillians, flamencos, the Chiquita Banana girl, Broadway Danny Rose...of course it had to be destroyed. And for what? It's being demolished and you can bet a giant glass tower will take its place. [NY Times]

The fabulous and affable Footlight Records on 12th closed awhile ago (sob). The gutting has begun and the place is huge--they've got some crazy wide-open basement in the back. What are they putting in, a lap pool? I asked the Russian demolition guy but all he could tell me was, "Footlight kaput!"

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