Friday, February 8, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

A commenter just alerted me to the fact that I was not the first to mention East Village Wines' acceptance of the Euro. That prize goes to The Observer in 2005. It does, however, seem that I launched the current media terrorization of EV Wines and for that, I am heartily sorry--though I do hope all the attention brings them more biz. [Radar] *Note from the Radar pic, compared to my original pic, they changed the exchange rate and raised their limit! So I guess that Euro business is good for business. [JVNY]

Oh the irony! A bunch of affordable-housing activists are turning the tables and aiming to use eminent domain to snatch prime Brooklyn real estate from big, bad Pfizer pharmaceuticals. Fabulous. [The Day]

The sadness that is Sucelt -- a peek into the closed shop, heart ripped out:

People who are sad and self-absorbed spend more money--
and are willing to spend much more on the same items than people who are not sad and self-absorbed. And so wounded narcissism drives the luxury economy that overwhelms New York with its misery. [Yahoo/AP]

The city moves closer to stealing property from the businesspeople of Willets Point's Iron Triangle, including the Bonos -- third-generation sawdust men -- take another look at my interview with them here. [Curbed]

Grimshaw, whose cold newsstand clones now dominate the sidewalk landscape, are bringing their magic touch to Coney Island. Gird your loins for further forced sterilization. [Gowanus L]

A little grandiosity goes a long way -- with their slogan, Duane Reade doesn't even try to pretend they are not taking over every corner of the city:

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