Thursday, March 5, 2020

Fine & Schapiro


After news about the Upper West Side's Fine & Schapiro closing for renovations, word has come out that it will not be reopening.

photo: Manhattan Sideways

On Facebook, Manhattans Sideways reports, "Fine & Schapiro, an institution on West 72nd Street since 1927 has closed. They have very sadly lost their lease as confirmed by the staff members who have worked here for decades." Another tipster writes, "The landlord jacked the rent."

*Update: West Side Rag reports, “They had two years left on their lease. Business was slow. Because of their age and bad health, they decided to close. That’s the story,” said Joe Kizner, manager of the building. The paper was unable to get in touch with the owners of the business.


James said...

Fine n' Dandy Shapiro has been living a half life for years. It would indeed be sad if this finally left 72nd Street, but I'm still mourning the loss of The Elcair across the street. You had one there and, if memory serves, one on York Avenue - kosher food and fantastic deserts. The civilized New York of once before has long been nearly on the outs.

Mitch said...

I hope we get the full story. The landlords told Fox 5 that there are two years left on the lease and that it was the owners' decision to close.

Mitch said...

I am not sure if you are still posting comments, since I sent something before and it isn't showing now. However, it does appear that F&S did not lose their lease. West Side Rag actually spoke to the manager of the building, and he says that the owners decided to close it because business was not good and because of their age and health.

Makes me wonder why they didn't try to sell it, though maybe they did and couldn't. F&S certainly had unrealized potential.