Monday, October 14, 2019

Thrift & New


The little, one-story antiques shop known mostly as Thrift and New, located on 9th Avenue and 43rd Street in Hell's Kitchen, has vanished.

thanks to Shade Rupe for the photo and the tip

It was one of those wonderful holdouts, a throwback, a leftover from the old New York, and every time I found it still open, it seemed like a miracle. Places like this just aren't allowed to exist here anymore.

I must have photographed it a hundred times, knowing each time might be my last.

It was a warm and lively place. There were always customers inside, sifting through the stuff, browsing, reading.

They sold jewelry, guitars, books, old photographs.

They had a room full of ceramics, mostly pink.

The sign says they'd been open since 1952. I don't know why they closed.


caroline said...

Oh, I am terribly sorry to hear this. I visited that neighborhood shop hundreds of times over the years for collage supplies. My niece shot an amateur film there with the permission of the owner Manos, a kind and gentlemanly Greek man who would offer customers a cup of tea or glass of wine. His shop drew regulars, day-trippers, curious commuters, new and old friends. I knew this was coming but it still hurts. RIP sweet Thrift and New.

Mr. Bates said...

A touchstone of my life in New York. Decades of being a customer and more often a browser. One tale, on 9/11 I was walking back toward home on West 43rd St., and, having first tried the ATM's at Citibank on 42nd St. and with a dollar in my wallet, I stopped by Thrift and New. Minas was there and they were just closing up because of the attack. I asked and he gave: $20. A great man. I hope and trust Minas is still about. I'm not on 43rd St. to check anymore. All the characters. Hanging out on Friday when they'd open up some wine and we'd all stand about. Mostly "old guys" from the hood. For a while, I was one of the young ones. Etc. Enough. It just breaks my heart to see this one go. Breaks my heart. John Gibson

Unknown said...

Jeremiah, do you know the names of more businesses like this that are still hanging on in New York? Saddened by the loss, and also by the fact that I only hear about them when they close... Thanks

costumegal said...

So sad--I used to live a few buildings up, and I was in this shop a lot. Actually, I'm amazed they were able to last so long--so many little business got pushed out as Hell's Kitchen became an extension of Chelsea.

Andrew said...

Will be missed! I used to live on the block and bring watches in for repair or battery replacement. Been meaning to bring one in for the last month but I just haven't found the time to go!

bjs said...

I just spoke to a friend of the owner; he told me that Mike/Menas retired, voluntarily, after 40 years. Which we all deserve to do, when we're good and ready. He owns the building, so he wasn't forced out by a greedy landlord. He's leased the shop space to a coffee shop/restaurant. Let's hope it has at least one-one-hundredth of the character and charm of Thrift & New.

Tom Hamilton said...

I live across the street & was a regular there for about 12 years. I mostly shopped at random for books. My last time there I found some little-known piano music and Minas brought out another whole stack of sheet music to go through where I found a few more obscure things. One time I found a whole collection of restaurant matchbooks from the 1950s. They always made me feel welcome there. They'll be missed by me and many others in the neighborhood.

hgeng63 said...

What a shock. “Minas the Cypriot guy” (as I secretly called him) always could be counted on not to gouge you on your watch & jewelry repairs. He always had a friendly word & sometimes a glass of wine for you at end of day. Where are we going to go for our vintage jewelry & book fixes?
Enjoy your retirement, Minas! We will miss you!