Monday, June 25, 2018

Bring Back Mom and Pop

In my latest op-ed for the Daily News, I debate the myths that the real estate industry is putting forth about the Small Business Jobs Survival Act and the demise of brick and mortar retail:

More and more, in rapid succession, our streets are dulled by corporate chains, big banks, systematized “concept” shops and too many vacant storefronts. This is not New York.

If you want to stop massive commercial rent hikes that put small businesses out of business, take action:

- Write to the mayor and ask him to support the Small Business Jobs Survival Act (SBJSA). Here's a quick form you can fill out in just a few easy steps.

- Write to Council Speaker Corey Johnson and ask him to support a strong SBJSA and bring it to a vote. Here's a quick and easy form for that, too.

- Here's more you can do.

- And talk about it. Talk to your friends, family, and co-workers. Tell them that mom and pops aren't vanishing "because of the market" or "all because of the Internet," they're vanishing because the city and state support landlord greed -- but this can change. There are solutions. The first step is raising consciousness. We have to imagine a different city.


Mimi said...

Just called Corey Johnson's office at 212-564-7757 because... that feeling when filling out a webform just isn't enough. I've been coasting long enough & feel like, since I've been voting for Corey Johnson for years, that it's about time his office follows through and does something for me/us.

Toni Kamins said...

Interesting story about how independent shops in Paris not only survive, but thrive. Hint: they have a willing partner in the government.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

"Because of the market" and "all because of the internet" ...

Anytime there's a disaster, a tragedy, or a conflict of some kind (even a conflict of interests) people always look for a single causation behind it, no matter how complex the situation or circumstance, and no matter how many factors are involved.

The "scapegoat" and "fall guy" tactic is always used to avoid the hard task of actually analyzing and investigating the real roots of whatever problems and issues there are plaguing us.