Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Merchant's House

The East Village/Bowery is slated for yet another luxury boutique hotel, and this time the historic Merchant's House Museum on East 4th Street is under threat.

They have issued a call to arms, with instructions on how you can help.


Not only that, but the hotel would mean goodbye to the little one-story garage where the neighborhood's hot dog vendors store their carts -- another small piece of New York's character.

The Merchant's House Executive Director, Margaret Halsey Gardiner, writes:

The proposed hotel, at 100 feet tall, is in violation of the City's Zoning Resolution. The developer's application for a zoning text amendment – "spot zoning" – would in effect rewrite the law for a series of waivers that benefit the developer alone.

At eight stories, the proposed hotel towers over the 4 ½ story Merchant’s House (completely blocking sunlight to our rear garden) and is grossly incompatible with the surrounding buildings and neighborhood in the Noho Historic District.

If the Planning Commission approves the application, the developer would be able to proceed – and our fragile, 186-year-old building would suffer catastrophic structural damage and likely collapse during construction.

The Merchant's House is fighting for its survival.

Mark your calendars!

Community Board 2 PUBLIC HEARING
Wednesday, April 11, 6:30 p.m.
NYU Silver Building, 32 Waverly Place, Room 520

It is VITAL that we fill the room with supporters. PLEASE attend!

The Merchant’s House is New York City’s only family home preserved intact, inside and out, from the 19th century. It is irreplaceable.

If the Merchant’s House – Manhattan’s first designated landmark in 1965 – can’t be protected, NO New York City landmark will be safe from out-of-control private development.

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