Thursday, March 15, 2018

Silver Spurs


The Silver Spurs coffee shop has been around since 1979. After this month, it will be no more.

The original on Broadway and 9th Street shuttered in 2013, thanks to an expired lease that was not renewed. The landlord hiked the rent, breaking hearts, and the space went to Starbucks. That left one other Silver Spurs, at Houston and Laguardia.

A reader in the Village sent in the news and spent some time talking with Kiki Bourekas, the manager of the restaurant, who said the place is closing because business is down. As we know, coffee shops are closing all over the city.

Kiki says, “It was like Cheers in here. It was family. Customers became friends. You came here and made friends in the neighborhood. I’ve been here since it opened 22 years ago. People in the neighborhood call it ‘Kiki’s.' 'Let’s go get some of Kiki’s coffee,' they say. I stayed on all that time because I liked it so much."

The place is family owned and got its western theme in 1979 "Because of the uncle. He liked western."

They used to be open 24 hours a day on the weekend, Kiki recalled, and the place was always full, often with college and graduate students. "But two years ago, we stopped being able to make it. Not enough customers, especially at night. It’s very sad. Me and all the guys are out of a job.”

The last day will be March 29 and Kiki says, “Be sure to come in and get your last hamburger!” She gets off work at 3:30 if you want to say goodbye.

As for what's coming to take the place of Silver Spurs, Kiki hears it'll be an ice-cream place. “Expensive," she says.


zuzuzpetals said...

One of the last non-franchise, non-chi-chi holdouts in Soho, ever since rents started ousting artists in their lofts decades ago.

Very sorry to see them go.

Scout said...

A friend lived around the corner from this place in the 80s and 90s; we tried eating there once - it was such a disgusting experience, he never went back. Filthy tables, plates, and cutlery, nonexistent service, food dripping with fat and sodium. said...

So sad. I hate this. And that burger looks good. And I don't understand why people feel the need to trash things. Like Scout above. Like be nice or don't say anything. That place made a lot of people happy.

Mike Lopez said...

Shocker. Scout has a negative post

JQ LLC said...

"ice cream" "expensive"

Junk food has become luxury dining.

Scout said...

"Be nice or don't say anything?" What kind of world would that be? 90% of creative artists would be out of work...

RMAN said...

Never been a fan of this greasy spur, er, spoon, but still sad to see it gone.