Thursday, January 4, 2018

Cafe SFA


Reader John writes in:

"I have heard today that the restaurant Café SFA, which was located on the 8th floor of the flagship store Saks Fifth Avenue, closed on January 1, 2018."

photo via Style Cannoli

He explains, "It was in operation for at least 25 years and was a staple for the 'ladies who lunch' in Midtown. Many celebs and royalty passed through the doors over the years. It was also known for its view of Rockefeller Center and the rooftop gardens, as well as the Plaza and tree during the season. For many years, the ladies came in for the 1/2 sandwich and soup special. And before they were laid off in 2013, there was an older seasoned staff of waiters and waitresses there that added to the great service as well as a sense of continuity that the clientele appreciated. I think it qualifies as a type of place that will not be seen again and is a dying breed."

A call to Saks confirms that Cafe SFA has closed. The space will be reopening as a new cafe in April or May.


Unknown said...

Forgot to mention that this kind of quirky (in context of Saks Fifth Avenue) restaurant will be replaced by a uber trendy place called L'Avenue from Paris. Leo, Kate, and the Kardashians are often photo'd there.

Smile said...

Sad. I worked as a hostess there during the summer of 1992, in between my freshman and sophomore years of college. The line always snaked out the door. I wonder if anything will take its place at Saks.

Pat said...

This reminds me of years ago when Lord & Taylor closed and re-opened their cafe. Before you could get Scotch broth and cheddar cheese biscuits and it was a meal. There was a waitress, I think she said she was from Middle Village, Queens, an older woman who knew her regulars. The staff was replaced with the reopening, of course, with decorative girls. I remember getting a meal there at the counter and some guy, I guess a manager, in one of those obnoxious blue shirts that the suits were all wearing then, tell the waitress to make sure she told the customer she hoped they enjoyed the meal. I told him, why don't you leave her alone, isn't it enough she serves the food on time and has clean hands. He ignored me, of course. I observed changes over the years in the restaurant's offerings; Asian fusion fare and branded stuff from Sarabeth's and expensive of course. Now the L&T building has been sold and it is all over for the store. I am glad I had a good experience back in the day when you could still find pockets of warmth and humanity in the city.

Gloria said...

Ugh. I used to eat here with my grandmother and mother. Let's destroy all the nice things. They're just not "hot" enough. Fuck you, Saks.