Sunday, June 4, 2017

Fire on Grove

There was a multi-alarm fire this morning at Grove and Bleecker, with large clouds of black smoke billowing out from what spectators assumed to be the basement-level 49 Grove nightclub.

No one in the building appeared to be hurt.

New York describes 49 Grove:

"This subterranean lair reeks of exclusivity—from the seasonal stretch limo for winter smokers to the chilly PRIVÉ sign posted on the VIP door year round. Inside, uptown Ivy Leaguers and their less intellectual but equally moneyed cohorts people-watch from the plush velvet couches lining the stone walls."

The FDNY responded rapidly. They broke open the door, taking a circular saw to it. When the door opened, the street filled with smoke.

The firefighters smashed and ripped out the front door of the Scotch & Soda clothing chain store on the corner.

This is the location of the shop that took over Rebel Rebel Records' space when they were pushed out.

One Villager in the crowd noted, "I guess they're gonna have to have a fire sale."

Within minutes, the smoke had diminished. The fire appeared to be under control.


rongee said...

Scotch & Soda, mud in your eye !

Unknown said...

I liked the joint when it was 5 Oaks!

Scout said...

49 Grove' basement was, for years, the home of the famous Five Oaks Piano Bar, owned by famous jazz singer, Marie Blake. Five Oaks expired in 1996, but I remember many many great evenings there. It was a classy joint, and a piece of real New York. A public access show was shot there every week for many years, with the hosts decked out like 1920s Cafe Society types.

A city mystery happened there in 1993 - a bar regular, Michael Sakara, was last seen alive there on summer night. His dismembered body turned up in a garbage can the following day. He was one of six gay men the police suspect were killed by the same unidentified person from 1991 to 1993.

Unknown said...

Every dark cloud has a silver lining
if Rebel Rebel was still there the TONS of records Davis had in there most likely now would be garbage and I doubt insurance would cover what it was really worth.

Unknown said...

I used to run an after hours there in 1999. actually won Best of from NY Press. Love that space and street. shame current owner is a good dude.