Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Oyster Bar

No, not the one in Grand Central Terminal. The other one, over on 7th Avenue and 54th Street. You might remember it was forced out of business in 2014 after 55 years.

At the time, the restaurant's hostess told me that the new landlord refused to renew their lease. "I think she'll keep it empty," she said. "I think the building is coming down."

She was right.

The Oyster Bar has sat empty ever since--their neon sign moved to Delancey--and now plans have been filed to demolish the building.

New York Yimby reports that a 29-story, mixed-use building is coming to replace the Oyster Bar's building and its little neighbor:

"Retail will occupy the first six floors, filling 38,236 square feet. The seventh floor will be devoted to recreation space, and then the eighth through 19th floors will have three units each. There will be just two units a piece on the top ten floors, followed by a roof deck."

On it goes.


David George said...

I don't know how many units are in a typical residential building of this size, but based on the total square footage of the six retail floors, it seems like each floor is about 6300 square feet. This means that for 11 floors 6300 sq ft will be carved up into only three units and on 10 floors 6300 sq ft will go into two units.

Is it me or does this seem like a total waste?

Rachel Winfield said...

That building is so beautiful I hope they leave the brick!