Monday, July 27, 2015

48th and 7th

Across 48th from soon-to-vanish Rudy's Music Stop, more is vanishing from this little old block.

Earlier this spring, the Smiler's deli on the corner of West 48th and 7th Avenue closed. The building was purchased by SL Green for $41.1 million. Wrapped in black netting and scaffolding, it has been demolished.

There used to be several Smiler's all-night delis in the city. Now there are only a few. In the 70s, this one was an Orange Julius and The Doll theater--LIVE ACTS ON STAGE SEEING IS BELIEVING!

Constructed in 1927, it was a nice-looking building, too.


The little old buildings to the east of this one--down to what was Manny's Music--have all been acquired by the Rockefeller Group.

The Post reported that SL Green will build a three-story building on the corner. Others have speculated that he'll buy out Rockefeller's parcel and put something enormous here.

Winick has the rendering: "over 5,400 SF of brilliant, high-resolution digital LED signage to carry your animated brand messaging in all directions"! And there's a website for the building, which is more billboard than building, with an animation that might give you a seizure.

With the lovely Loews Mayfair building demolished on 47th and 7th to make room for another glass and digital monstrosity, this elderly block--once filled with interesting things--is fading fast.

What is the future for the secret peep theater buried beneath it?


Barbara L. Hanson said...

How old? Please clarify.

James said...

The building contained a Smiler's -- upper floors covered with ads - terra-cotta details cut down so that the orange julius version of the building was basically unrecognizable. This one happened in increments. It's frustrating to see the old scale of Times Square being snuffed out rudely with unchecked severity. No more Brandan Gill's to make waves at the New Yorker.

T. Rinaldi said...

An anecdote and old photo here on the Smiler's empire:

From the good old days when I used to be able to maintain the neon blog!

Anonymous said...

That was my favorite part of the city. A whole street full of guitars and then a world of porn around the corner. What could be better?

Scout said...

It's Times Square - it hasn't been for New Yorkers for at least 25 years.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why only a three story new construction?

Richard Federico said...

Nice Post Jeremiah, and the links you provided made for some great back story! Ahh the memories of a more analogue NYC when you could see the actual buildings and not a bunch of tv screens with moving images. It is so cheep and distracting now, I wish they would ban these offensive huge LED screens! It looks like NYC is the victim of a real life adware virus with pop-ups and re-directs! Someone please remove this virus from my city!