Friday, December 20, 2013

A-1 Music


Reader Jim Duffy lets us know that A-1 Music, on First Avenue in the East Village, is closing.

As Jim says, "It's an old-school storefront music shop for students, children, beginners, and hobbyists. You won't find vintage gear or Fender or Gibson, but you'll find student trumpets, harmonicas, melodicas (I bought mine there a few years ago), mouth-harps, shakers, student violins, tuners, picks, and other small items. They also provide lessons and piano tuning. A little dog comes up and sniffs you and then returns to its doggy-bed in the back of the shop."

I've always liked walking by this place, with its cluttered window, and bought some books of music there over the years.

I went in to say goodbye and pick up a few last items. The owner told me they've been there for 26 years, but business isn't great and the rent is just too high. They looked for a more affordable space in the neighborhood, but found nothing.

They plan to be gone by January 26. Until then, everything is "buy one, get the second half price," books are two for the price of one, and she'll make you a good deal if you want to buy an instrument. "We have to get rid of everything," she said.

Meanwhile, in the back, an older gentleman watched television while his dog lay in the doggy-bed, huffing in my general direction.


Michael Simmons said...

A soulful, beautifully written piece, Jeremiah.

Anonymous said...

These people are my neighbors and they always have a kind word for everyone. Bloomberg's NY is one stripped of family business and personality. And the East Village will be less colorful without this lovely little music store. Feeling lousy having read sick of seeing nice and thoughtful people being pushed out to make room for ANOTHER bank.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this beautiful yet very sad post. A (happy?) note regarding Fedora restaurant. I don't think that this is in quite the same category of the other closing businesses since the family was very involved in the turnover to keep the name and at least on a surface level some essence of its history and past. It's true that family businesses like this don't last they way for generations they did in this city, but at least it wasn't sold out and disappeared like so many others on this list. Thank you again for this list and all your bittersweet posts...