Wednesday, April 17, 2013


The fragrance of D'Amico Coffee in Carroll Gardens is intoxicating. They've been roasting beans for 64 years. And yet, with the neighborhood changing, newcomers have complained--I guess they prefer Starbucks. But that was last year, and hopefully they've knocked it off, because D'Amico's is a great place to kick back with a cup of coffee and a newspaper.

At the tables in the back, old-timers sit and shoot the breeze. One person leaves, another comes, the conversation keeps going without pause. Occasionally, someone breaks into operatic song, but mostly it's talk:

"People are blind and retarded now on the street. They don't see nothing. Me, I can see a cockroach if it's walking on the sidewalk."

"Remember Bobby? Bobby Vegas we called him. A Jew. Nice guy. Died of a massive heart attack."

"Do you know the difference between baccala and stocco? One's the male and one's the female. No, the baccala's not the female, it's the male! That shows how much you know about fish."

"Remember Freddy Black? Freddy Black we called him 'cause he walked around in a long, black overcoat, down to his ankles. Looked like an undertaker. You'd see him coming and you'd be like, What's this? Satan coming back around?"

"I can't sleep at night no more. Nobody can sleep at night. But consider this--when you die, you'll have plenty of time to sleep."


BabyDave said...

The place sounds wonderful. I would thing of stopping in, but I probably would feel like an interloper.

laura said...

jeremiah, you forgot to tell us where it is! you you keeping this a secret? i am not sure what the "complaints" are, fill us in. we love the gossip.

Anonymous said...

This may be off topic, but has a story about a photo exhibit by Alice Austen in Staten Island. The photos are from late 19th century NYC. A little before your time Jeremiah (and mine, too!) but you and your readers might be interested. Go to, click on Neighborhood link (top left), click Port Richmond/Rosebank section, go to middle of page and look for heading, "Century Old Manhattan Street Photography"

onemorefoldedsunset said...

Yes, this is a great place! And while you're in the neighborhood, go to Caputo's too. A newer place than D'Amico (a mere 40 years), the ravioli are the very best.

Jessica said...

D'Amicos is the business. i can't imagine going anywhere else. ever.

Jessica said...

D'Amicos is the business. i can't imagine going anywhere else. ever.