Thursday, June 3, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Even when SATC ends, it will not end. How about SATC 3? Possibly, says the studio. Even though "withering reviews" and "negative word of mouth through social networks also may have hurt the movie beyond the critical trashing it took." Still, no matter what, forever and ever and ever, "the girls are going to go." [yahoo]

Absolut releases Brooklyn-flavored vodka--apple, ginger, and Spike Lee. [GPs]

Tracking down the giant iguana of 61 Fifth Avenue. [FP]

Peter Orlovsky has passed away. I remember seeing him read at the Poetry Project, drinking a tallboy, shirt unbuttoned and belly swelling, talking about eating ass. [P&W] (NSFW)

An "occasional DJ" for Avenue B. [EVG]

A metaphor for the Bowery before it was hip: "Sticking out like an infected anus at the end of the island, the Bowery lays a fart in the face of New York." [RS]

Discarded matzo outside the Streit's Factory--not every sheet of unleavened bread can make the the grade. [BB]


BrooksNYC said...

There are some lovely tributes to Peter Orlovsky starting to pile up. People adored him.

Bryan said...

Great memory of P.O. -- did you see the link to the tribute someone left in our comments? Nice tribute.

I haven't seen much in the msm, though.

p.s. Hey, Brooks!

Dan said...

Probably worth mentioning that the Orlovsky link is quite NSFW.

Jeremiah Moss said...

hmm, good point. somehow, i didn't quite notice the penis.

BrooksNYC said...

Hey, Bryan! (Have we crossed paths? I'm wondering if you have me confused with Brooks of Sheffield. 'Cuz dat's not me.)


Bryan said...

Hey -- my bad, Brooks *not* of Sheffield. But maybe we'll cross paths too at some point.

And sorry too, Dan, for the racy Ginsberg/Orlovsky. It's my favorite picture of them and I just couldn't resist. Seems appropriate for them to continue to shock, though!

Larry Slade said...

Re: Orlovsky. The Robert Frank movie Me & My Brother is a must see. Excellent movie!