Friday, October 9, 2009

NY Art Book Fair

Last weekend was the New York Art Book Fair at P.S. 1 in Long Island City. Like the Zine Fest, in this digital day and age, it's a pleasure to see people so avidly putting words and images onto paper. With three floors of books, zines, and posters, the place was packed.

Some highlights:
John Rafman's "16 Google Street Views" from Golden Age
Photo prints of bound periodical spines by Mickey Smith
The Thing Quarterly--with the latest "issue" as a pair of eyeglasses with text from Jonathan Lethem

And a whole bunch of sex mags.

Hairy bear sex:

Lonely people sex:

And exhibitionistic urban rooftop sex:

Said the Times: "If you harbor even a speck of doubt about the continuing viability of hold-in-your-hand-and-turn-the-pages print publications, check out the New York Art Book Fair this weekend. You’ll find thousands of new books — smart, weird, engrossing, beautiful — that will never be Kindle-compatible. They’ll make you feel good."

If you missed it, there's always next year.


EV Grieve said...

How did they manage to get so many photos from The Standard?

But seriously, I'm sorry that I missed this. I like the "never be Kindle-compatible."

Mykola Dementiuk said...

Kindle gets the finger...deserves it too