Friday, February 8, 2019

Left Bank Books


Some good news for a change. Left Bank Books is returning to brick-and-mortar. On their website, they announce:

"We’re ecstatic to announce the upcoming re-opening of Left Bank Books in a new Greenwich Village location at 41 Perry Street."

Left Bank shuttered in 2016 after struggling in its second location. Prior to that, the shop had been on West 4th Street for many years and was kicked out by a rent hike--their neighbor, Lee's Laundry, was also pushed out. The double space became a cafe and then that shuttered. Something else moved in and I think that might have shuttered, too. I don't know what's there now. As we see over and over, stable, long-term small businesses get pushed out and then the space becomes unstable, filling and emptying again and again.

It's not often that a lost bookstore returns. Let's hope Left Bank has found a decent landlord and newfound stability. They'll be on Perry Street between West 4th Street and Waverly Place. Doors open in March.

They write, "The bookshop will showcase our eclectic selection from the 20th and 21st centuries (and occasionally earlier), encompassing literature, art, film, photography, fashion, architecture, design, music, theater, dance, children’s books, and New York City. In time, we expect to host events and exhibits, becoming a destination for seasoned collectors, emerging enthusiasts, and curious newcomers the world over."

(h/t Alex in NYC)


John K said...

This is wonderful news. At both prior locations I found lovely gift books, as well as many little gems for my own library.

Unknown said...

So thrilled Left Bank Books is un-vanishing. The double space on W 4th Street became Cafe Minerva, which lasted about 3 years. After that, in 2018, the space became St. Tropez, a French restaurant, which seems to be doing just fine.

bjs said...

It was the Landlord from Hell on West 4th St--the Mendler family, HM Village Realty.
They kicked me out (Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks), too. Quite a point of pride for them, I'm sure, to have evicted two bookstores.

Go Left Bank Books!!!

k said...

i don't recognize those youngish owners on the website tho - - i remember two older guys in there all the time!

k said...

just called and talked to Eric - seems like a nice guy - - is hoping to open doors last week of March but they are in there working on it now - - he said it would be a more curated version of the previous store (they are indeed the new owners) but still focusing on the arts..