Sunday, February 24, 2019

Dive Bar to Bubble Tea

In the East Village. This is depressing.



What else is there to say? Here's the story -- and the history -- of the International Bar.

(And, yes, a variation of it lives on a couple blocks south on First Avenue. And, yes, this wasn't the original original. But this good old space? Gone to bubbles.)


Walter said...

The loss of that place is just another nail in the coffin of the EV.
In a moment of nostalgia I compiled some photos of people and events in that bar and created a slideshow.

(Jeremiah, if the link is a violation of your policy, please just omit this post and accept my apologies)

Head said...

I met so many wonderful people and have soooo many great memories created here. I will have to find my photos from the years I spent in this little gem.

Unknown said...

I actually miss what was up the block from this bar the most- the entire strip of Bangladeshi owned Indian restaurants on E.6th betw 1st and 2nd. In the 90s, you could see scores of young Bengali kids handing out 25%, 50% coupons to these places, along with BYOB. For $10 you'd be full and shitfaced. But gone, they are. At least the 3 places on 1st ave and 6th street live on.... for now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Walter.

So many great memories at "I Bar" — and just look how many of our friends there are not with us any more.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Why doesn't the state of New York do what the state of Oregon has done recently---draft a bill that imposes rent control on landlords?
The modern-day real estate industries have become way too mercenary in their priorities, procedures, and dealings. High time for such tyranny and monopolistic practices to end, once and for all!!!

Justine Valinotti said...

Walter--I agree. I still, however, hold on to a thread of hope--however slender--as long as Moishe's bakery is still open.


This one hurts ! One of the first spots where I hung out when discovering the East village in the early 90's. Was cheap and it was easy to meet people when you were a newcomer. Downtown Beyrouth was the other option a few doors up. iconic dive bars of the area with Blue and Gold a few blocks away...More vanishing memories...
G. Alessandrini

IconDaemon said...

Not only is it Bubble Tea, it’s artisinal Bubble Tea.

Thanks for this site, Jeremiah. I lived in Stuy Town on 14th street from the very early ‘60s to ‘78, when I left for university. I spent my formative years in the Village and going back there now is a shock—it’s like a foreign city overlayed on familiar structures and landscape—and I find it too unsettling.