Monday, June 18, 2018

Cafe Espanol


On Bleecker Street since 1976, Cafe Español has shuttered.

There's no note to say why the sudden closing, only a sign that reads: "This restaurant is closed. Trespassers will be prosecuted."

On their website, they write, "Thank you for all of these years by our side, the Cafe Español family."

This is the latest in a string of closures for Manhattan's old-school Spanish restaurants, including El Quijote, El Faro, Francisco's Centro Vasco, and El Paso.

What remains? There is Spain on 13th St., an absolute treasure, and Sevilla on Charles.

Go while you still can.


shimmerstwo said...

Don't forget Cafe Riazor!!!! They are still going strong

John K said...

Oh no! I remember eating there a few times years ago when I worked in the Village. Was there really no warning at all? I wonder if the property owner sold the building, their lease ended and wasn't renewed, the rent went through the roof, or the owners just didn't want to run it any more? Or some combo of all four?

chitchat said...

So sad to see them go. I had several parties in their back room. The food and service were always fantastic. So many great Spanish places have closed sadly. Good luck to the owners and staff.

Stephanie Pappas said...

The good news is that La Nacional, 239 W 14th Street, is back in business after a lengthy break/renovation.

RMAN said...

Had a lot of nice dates here back in the day. Sorry to see it go.

Timothy said...

Que lastima

Racer X said...

No love for El Pote?