Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Moishe's Is Not for Rent

A reader sent in a real estate listing that gave me quite a shock. It says that the space that holds the great Moishe's Kosher Bake Shop is for rent and possession can be "immediate."

I called the bakery and spoke to Moishe Perl, who also owns the building. He laughed and said, "People always put up these things." He assured me that he did not put up the listing and that he is not closing. He might be doing some renovating over the summer, but that's it.

When I told him the listing said his place will rent for $27,000, he laughed even louder.

The listing was recently updated, but it was originally posted a few years ago. It didn't close then and (hopefully) it isn't closing now. Charles Beyda and Judah Sutton of JUD Leasing are listed as the realtors, but their phone numbers go nowhere. What is this about?

Moishe's has been here since 1974. It is much beloved and if it ever closes, the East Village will rise up screaming. Seems like as good a time as any to go get yourself something nice.


Gregory said...

I arrived in 1976. Discovered Moishe's shortly thereafter, along with B&H Dairy and the 2nd Ave Deli we miss so much. I live in the South Bronx now and still make the trip. Last week I got two rye with caraway still warm from the oven and carried them back home like a treasure on the 6 train.

rongee said...

I walked past Moishe's last nigh....still open,.