Thursday, January 25, 2018

Goodbye Lincoln Plaza Cinemas

As you already know, Lincoln Plaza Cinemas is vanishing. The lease was not renewed and its last day will be January 28. We tried to save it, but Milstein Properties apparently isn't listening.

Filmmaker Christopher Ming Ryan went to the movies to talk to folks about why Lincoln Plaza is so special--and why it should not vanish:

Ryan writes:

"We have a message to the landlord, Howard Milstein: make capital improvements on this space, but keep the people who run this theater by offering them an affordable lease. Toby Talbot deserves to stay. I want to enjoy the films they hand pick and continue to support the wonderful staff here--for a very long time. Do the right thing."

Over 11,000 people agree--and many more. Sign the petition and let the landlord know what's on your mind.


Skeptical New Yorkers said...

Sad news regardless of how inevitable it felt. The last movie staring on Sunday is "The Insult" - apropos...

TJ DeRinger said...

My wife and I went to Lincoln Plaza many times over the past 15 years, sometimes just us and many times with friends, then we'd go to Empire Hotel for drinks and talk. After that, stroll around the UWS back home. The greedy ones are dismantling the remaining vestiges of what makes living in a rat race bearable. And no, we don't live in Manhattan anymore.