Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Pub Day

Today is the official publication day for Vanishing New York: How a Great City Lost Its Soul. You can now buy it wherever books are sold. (Like your local independent bookstore.)

At Spoonbill & Sugartown

You can also get a copy at the launch party this Thursday night at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, or next Thursday night at the Brooklyn launch party at powerHouse Arena. For a full list of book events, click here.

In the meantime, check out two exclusive excerpts: the East Village chapter at Longreads and the tourism chapter at Vice.

At the Strand

“Essential reading for fans of Jane Jacobs, Joseph Mitchell, Patti Smith, Luc Sante, and cheap pierogi.” –David Kamp, Vanity Fair

“This is a very good, angrily passionate, and ultimately saddening book…. a brilliantly written and well-informed account.” –Booklist, starred review

“Vanishing New York is an urban-activist polemic in the tradition of Jane Jacobs’s Death and Life of Great American Cities: Every page is charged with Moss’s deep love of New York. It is both a vital and unequivocally depressing read.” –Molly Fitzpatrick, Village Voice

“a compelling and often necessary read…. One of the great accomplishments of this nearly 500-page polemic, is that even as I read through in a state of outrage and sadness, I was also reassured: I am not crazy. The city really has vanished…” –Glynnis MacNicol, Daily Beast

“a vigorous, righteously indignant book that would do Jane Jacobs proud.” –Kirkus

“This polemic is likely to stir a lot of emotions.”—Publishers Weekly

“A relevant lamentation of New York’s rebellious, nonconformist past and its path toward an inexpressive mélange of glass and steel big box stores and chain restaurants.”
–New York Journal of Books


esquared™ said...

Will there be a forty-ounce rosé, served in a paper bag, and froyo served in a hoof at the launch events?

Are you giving discounts to VNY readers/commenters?

My independent bookstores are gone (Scribner's, Brentano's, Double Day, and most recently Crawford Doyle). But here's a list of that are still around http://www.amny.com/things-to-do/nyc-s-independent-bookstores-1.9696084.

And you're smack in the middle between Cosey Fanni Tutti and David Sedaris. Apt.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Congratulations! I will read it and weep!

John K said...

Congrats again! I saw a sign for your reading at Word in Jersey City, but couldn't find a copy of the book (!), so if I can make it to the event tomorrow I will, to get a signed copy. I hope there are a few signed extras still left if I can't make it, though.

Jeremiah Moss said...

Thank you. Forties of rose for all! No--just regular wine and beer, at the launch (which is Thursday not tomorrow!).

Unknown said...

Congratulations! My copied arrived in the mail today. I am looking forward to reading this.

mrjspence said...

Manhattanite here... Pre-ordered on amazon and received this afternoon (now feeling I should have went to a local NYC bookstore lol). Wait, there aren't any left... Been reading all day. Thank you for capturing this lost NY in the way you did. Long live THE best effin city on earth

Downtowner said...

Congrats - looking forward to reading it.