Friday, July 28, 2017

Francisco's Centro Vasco


On 23rd Street in Chelsea since 1979, Francisco's Centro Vasco has now closed.

Bedford & Bowery reports: "Yesterday, a sign on the door announced that it had 'closed permanently' and thanked customers for 'over 35 years' of patronage."

Last September, they suffered after the terrorist bomb explosion, but they managed to reopen. The reason for the permanent closure is not known. Francisco's was one of the last of a dwindling number of Spanish restaurants in the city, along with El Quijote in the nearby Chelsea Hotel and Spain, on 13th Street.

UPDATE: The owner had a change of heart--they're not closing

RE-UPDATE: They closed again.


Paula said...

I'm saddened to hear this, albeit not surprised. As a longtime Chelsea resident I recently had dinner there with my husband and an out-of-town friend. It was PACKED -- which is how I always remember it. That block has seen its share of problems: the Monster Sushi, which was directly across the street, closed in March or April. And, of course, closer to 8th Avenue, East of Eighth, another longer term Chelsea restaurant also closed. And, dare I mention the Venus Diner, which was located right on 8th Avenue and 23rd Street, next to New London Pharmacy. It's now Popeye's....We live in "depraved and indifferent times."

BrooksNYC said...

Oh, NO!!! This one is like a dagger in the heart. Any word on the fate of El Quijote at the Chelsea?

Congrats on the book signing. You were wonderful (so good to meet you!) and what a turnout!

Racer X said...

I am partial to El Pote. Very friendly. Bummer.

swine said...

Just passed by Centro Vasco & there is a sign outside on window saying it has closed again permanently.