Tuesday, January 17, 2017

L.E.S. Is More

Unsurprisingly, the real-estate developers are excited about a Trump presidency. This press release came in over the transom for an event tomorrow at the Sunshine Cinema of all places. It's full of awfulness:

"L.E.S. is MORE" is a vibrant discussion between real estate and financial titans on the changing landscape of the Lower East Side post-election. Additional info can be found below:

Who РModerator: Leonard Steinberg, President of Compass / Panelists: Benjamin Shaoul, Charles Bendit, Arthur Stern, Andres Hoff, Jos̩ Antonio Grabowsky and Nikolai Fedak
Where – Landmark Sunshine Cinema, located at 143 E Houston St
When – Wednesday, January 18 from 9:30 am - 1:00 pm (Breakfast and lunch will be served).

Topics of discussion will include:

-Trump threw out the playbook in politics, fittingly NYC's real estate players are doing the same
-How the LES is ripe for living and ripe for investment
-Green smoothies and Katz's pastrami sandwiches: the collision of old and new in the LES
-Renown developers on bridging the old and new in the Lower East Side
-Lower East Side: Where food porn meets real estate porn
-Why buying an apartment before the building is built is the Answer


Andrew Porter said...

I read this as "L.E.S. is no more," which kind of fits in with my current mental state, as someone mental is going to be inaugurated Friday.

Brian said...

It is true, the L.E.S. is a great location between downtown and midtown which has not been fully exploited. And demand for new development is high there. I hate what has happened on Houston and Ludlow all around Katz's. The high rises dwarfing all the historic tenements casting shadows. Delancey is also prime for high-rises too. I hope there will be more emphasis in livable urban planning. Oh, also,unfortunately, they going to want to run out every poor person they can that is in the way. :-(

DrBOP said...

Here's a short article about Toronto repealing landlord handouts that go some ways into explaining how some of these rich fucks got that way, because these kind of real estate welfare programs exist EVERYwhere, ESPECIALLY NYC:


This is only ONE of a FEW breaks that the moguls depend on, and they LOVE it when we subsidize their misadventures. Follow the money.....ALWAYS!

Anonymous said...

Isn't L.E.S. is More the motto of a LES artist? This rings a bell...

Should be trademark infringement.