Friday, February 19, 2016

Il Vagabondo


The Italian restaurant Il Vagabondo has been on East 62nd Street since 1965--and longer than that as a bar. It has the only in-restaurant bocce court in town--it was built in 1910. And now we hear it might be closing.


Restaurant critic Gael Greene tweeted today that Il Vagabondo will be forced to shutter in the spring because the "townhouse it didn't own was sold":

I called the restaurant and the woman who answered was unaware of any upcoming closure. That's not always solid, but let's hope this one is just a rumor.

For more on this classic red-sauce joint and its bocce court, watch this.


Dan Miller said...

Not the only in-restaurant bocce court--Twist and Smash'd Sports in Queens has an indoor court as well, and though they're mainly a bar they do have tables and food service.

Adrian said...

Same goes for Floyd on Atlantic Avenue.

Barbara L. Hanson said...

Was a NY Rangers hangout in the 1970s.

rongee said...

Enjoyed many a dinner date at Il Vagabondo back in the 70's. "say goodbye to what you know".