Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Carnegie Reopens

Last week I noted that the Carnegie Deli promised to reopen in 2016. Who knew it would be so soon? They announced on their website and Facebook page yesterday that they are reopening today:

Gargantuan sandwiches and creamy cheesecake! Also, "Dilly the Pickle Mascot" will be in the house.

And here's a shot of life inside from last week via Brian Fitzgerald on Twitter. Thumbs up!


Why?666 said...

Hey it's back yayyyyyyyyy

Jim Rynne said...

That's good news! My first visit to the Carnegie was in 1965 when it was much smaller. The communal seating was a turnoff for a ten year old one year in New York. And when I ordered milk wth my first corned beef sandwich our waiter announced it to the entire place! But delivery of the sandwich with a glass of milk was the start of a long lasting relationship.Happy to see it back!

onemorefoldedsunset said...

Great news!!

Johnny said...

Their deli meat always looks so dry in the photos. I think moister meat is in fashion now (David's Brisket House, Murray's Bagels, and many of the new hip BBQ places have moist brisket.)