Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Help Jerry

A couple of years ago, I visited Jerry Ohlinger's amazing movie material store in the Garment District. In business since 1976, it was the last store in New York City dedicated to movie photos.

Struggling with the rent, Jerry closed his shop and moved most of his "one million and one hundred thousand" photos to a warehouse in New Jersey as he downsized to a much smaller shop on West 30th, with limited hours.

Now Jerry needs help. The items in the warehouse need to be moved again, and there's no money to do it. Visit his GoFundMe page and consider giving him a hand.

Read my whole story on Jerry's former shop at The New Yorker.


Mitch said...

The GoFundMe page is not working. When you try to donate, the page says that the organizer has to take some action. Not sure what that means.

Jeremiah Moss said...

Thanks, I sent a note to Jerry.

Brian F. said...

Seems to be working now. Thanks for publicizing this.