Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Art Cove


Art Cove has been selling art and craft supplies in Ridgewood, Queens, for 44 years. But no more.

On their Facebook page they've announced:

"Ridgewood, New York, has become too fancy for Artcove. After 44 years we will be closing at the end of this year."

Ridgewood Social writes: "Art Cove is a craft supply store lost in time. With its original awning still in place, they have become a staple of Ridgewood’s past. As major craft chains move towards only scrap-booking, Art Cove maintains its roots as a place to buy supplies for all sorts of crafts."

But as we keep hearing, Ridgewood is the new Williamsburg. Or the new Bushwick, which was once the new Williamsburg. Anyway, it's the "next big neighborhood." It's even got a Twitter page called Gentrify Ridgewood! So much for those cheaper rents.

Think you're safe in your outer borough hideaway? Think again. No neighborhood is safe from the juggernaut of hyper-gentrification.


Tal Hartsfeld said...

Any "social engineering conspiracy" theorists out there?
If what you're stating on these posts are true then they just gained another charter member in me.

Unknown said...

queens has a long way to go before it becomes williamsburg. best to move into an ethnic area, if they will let you.