Monday, October 12, 2015

This Land Is Not For Sale

Opening October 15 at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery is Brett Amory's "This Land Is Not For Sale: Forgotten, Past and Foreseeable Futures."

Brett Amory, CBGB

From High Fructose: "Amory describes his latest series of works as a sort of protest against the transformation of New York’s Lower East Side into a 'gentrified wasteland,' which is changing the social character of the neighborhood."

Brett Amory, Bleecker Bob's

From Juxtapoz: "Amory will install a faux construction site underpass leading to the gallery to parody the constant sledgehammering of gentrification."

In addition, there will be a panel discussion on October 20 that will "bring together some of the legendary figures and activists of the Lower East Side to explore the gentrification and cultural attritioning of this historic district," according to the press release. "This discussion will be moderated by author Alan Kaufman. Sitting on the panel will be Brett Amory, artist; Lincoln Anderson, Editor-in-Chief of The Villager; Clayton Patterson, LES-based photographer and activist; Jose “Cochise” Quiles (author of the forthcoming Street Gangs of the Lower East Side), the founder and former leader of the notorious Satan's Sinner Nomads, the last gang to fly colors in LES. This event is free and open to the public."

The gallery is located at 557C West 23rd Street.


James said...

Attrition is a noun, not a verb. English is another thing fast losing its character. The sound of New York living is just about as important to me as the way it looks.

OGNYC said...

Dear Mr. Moss, when is the panel discussion at the LeVine Gallery of the wanton destruction of our fair city one neighborhood at a time by the packing peanut transplants who come for the culture and stay for the homogenization? I do believe I would feel empowered by those few remaining who are willing to try and hold back the tide, Sisyphean though it may seem...

Thank you kindly for raging against the dying of the light.

m masingill said...

Brett Amory is a former co-worker of my husband's from several years back. He's an excellent artist and an all-around great guy. I am pleased to see him succeeding.