Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hudson Yards Holdouts

A few holdouts have left the ever-expanding footprint of the Hudson Yards Luxury Zone. You can't blame them for taking the money and running from the nightmare to come.

Two guys living on 10th Avenue and West 35th just scored $25 million to leave their tenement. We've been following the fate of the two buildings here. They were only left standing because of these holdouts, stubbornly thwarting Tishman's plans for what once was called the "tallest tower in North America," a.k.a. "Hudson Spire," originally rendered at 1,800 feet -- 4 feet taller than One World Trade Center. With the men moved out, and Taxi Parts gone, the buildings are empty and set for demolition. Does this mean the Spire is back on?

A block south, a McDonald's has been acquired by Related--to be demolished and folded into a 3.3 million square foot mixed-use development. (I don't cry for McDonald's, but we're talking about a piece of low-rise property that was a lynch pin for a mega-development going through.)

Little by little, these developers are taking over a huge chunk of Manhattan. Across the street, Veterans Chair Caning (since 1899) and the little flat-fix shop will soon stand alone between multiple luxury developments. As the Hudson Yards Effect keeps steamrolling, what will become of Study Areas A, B, and C? How long will they hold out? And what about the two horse stables just north of here?

Let's face it. Nothing of the old world will be left standing. As the Times just reported, "Virtually all of the businesses that operated in the neighborhood — mostly light industrial and manufacturing shops — have been displaced. In their stead, developers plan to install fancy department stores, boutiques and restaurants."

Take a walk by Hudson Yards. You've never seen so many cranes in your life. They represent hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks--free gifts to developers from former Mayor Bloomberg--all for a glittering city within a city that will not be a welcoming place for most New Yorkers.


Jonah Falcon said...

NO! Not that McDonald's! It's always been a place I'd eat at when trudging back from MNN.

Unknown said...

25 million? this is more than fair. justice was served.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

When I think of all the infrastructure we could have if we only had that lost tax money...ugh.

Anna Magenta said...

what does this mean really except madness , frankenstein!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin G said...

Yes, they were perfectly willing to hand tax breaks to the rapacious developers promoted by Bloomberg, but when it came to the 10th ave 7-line subway station, well, sorry citizens, theres just no money for that so screw all of you. The entire Hudson Yards/ HIghline takeover by Bloombergs greedy buddies will one day stand as one of the major real estate travesties of this century.

Ken Mac said...

Absolute fucking misery. I walked around there last night. It's like the construction aliens have landed and woosh! There goes the city.

Walk up the God forsaken High Line lately? I can't believe all the new apartment buildings. Who wants to live next to a teaming sidewalk at eye level?