Friday, August 14, 2015

B&H Reopens

As promised, this morning at 9:00, the B&H Dairy reopened after many weeks. Dedicated East Villagers waited in line for their breakfasts, desperate to reunite with the beloved luncheonette.

photo credit: Lois R.

In business since the late 1930s, the B&H is a long-lasting local favorite. When it was shuttered after the Second Avenue gas explosion, neighbors and fans rallied around, raising funds and advocating with the city to push through the permits necessary to keep this place going.

photo credit: Lois R.

This is a victory in a city where such victories don't come often. Savor it. Go get some challah.

You can still donate funds to B&H. On August 21, they will have their Grand Reopening Party.

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James said...

As states their sign, "better health" to B&H!