Thursday, August 13, 2015

B&H Reopening & Party

After being shuttered since the Second Avenue gas explosion, and struggling with bureaucratic red tape, the East Village's beloved B&H Dairy is finally set to reopen tomorrow morning for breakfast at 9:00 AM.

In addition, Andy Reynolds, the local neighbor and dedicated advocate who has been working tirelessly to help keep the place going, lets us know:

"We are planning a grand opening party on the following Friday, August 21. Details to follow, but from what I understand, they will clear out the tables and chairs, and just be serving cakes and coffee and challah."

Fawzy and Ola, today's mom and pop of the B&H, photo from GVSHP

#SaveNYC will be there. With many of you, we've supported B&H since their closure, pushing City Hall to take action to speed up permits and get this place running again. We hope you will join us and everyone who loves the B&H to celebrate the (miraculous, really) saving of this priceless mom and pop.

In addition, B&H is almost at their crowdfunding goal. But expenses keep piling up. Says Andy, "Last night they were told out of the blue they needed a new gas meter, $500!" Please donate at You Caring.

For the latest news on B&H, visit their Facebook page.

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