Monday, June 15, 2015

Funeral for a Shoe Repair Shop

Earlier this month I shared the sad news that Louis Shoe Rebuilders, after 94 years in business, is getting the boot from the Empire State Building. (And it was there before the Empire State Building.)

This Thursday, June 18, starting at 12:00 noon, #SaveNYC is holding a funeral for the shop. Please take some time on your lunch break to show your support, not just of Louis, but of all small businesses in the city that have stood the test of time, continue to be good tenants and provide valuable services, but still have no power when the landlord hikes the rent and says it's over.

Enough is enough.

Meet at the shop, 25 W. 33rd Street, street side of the Empire State Building. Bring old shoes and flowers as an offering. Dress in funeral black. Eulogies welcome and encouraged. We expect the great Penny Arcade to deliver a fierce one.


onemorefoldedsunset said...

Is the Reverend Billy available?

Anonymous said...

But why would anyone in a business area like midtown need a shoe-shine/cobbler?.....that doesnt make any sense. What they need is a new lunch chopped salad joint, duh.

Anonymous said...

It always some shoe repair joint, old record store. Not viable in 2015. Reverand Billy? Isnt he anti shopping? Why would he save a store? Hes a clown. And how do you know they are 'good tenants' Because they said so? Are you a mark? Maybe a little too naive? This isnt Ohio. LOL. Maybe you need to open your eyes. And 'valuable services'? Valuable to who? I can understand people on the UWS upset about laundrymats closing but not this. Sorry.