Monday, June 1, 2015

Out There!

Who says New York is dead? (Dying, I say, not dead.) Historic preservationist Kyle Supley (he helped get new homes for the Moondance and Cheyenne diners) is running a Kickstarter to preserve and showcase all that is still cool about New York City, and he needs your help to make it happen.

I asked Kyle a few questions about Kyle Supley's Out There!

Q: What inspired you to launch this project?

A: I'm making "Kyle Supley's Out There!" to showcase what's great about New York City, along with the New Yorkers making it happen.

Having lived in New York for 13 years, I've met incredible people, visited amazing places, and experienced one-of-a-kind things in this city that are too cool to keep to myself.

I have been a collector of antiques since I was young and have always been intrigued with preserving stories as well as things. Recently I realized that the people I know in New York are just as important, if not more so, to showcase and preserve for future generations, and felt that a quick and fun-to-watch show would be a great way to accomplish that.

Q: Many people complain (myself included) that there's not much left of the "real" New York -- the eccentric, odd, and outsider. Is this what you're seeking in "Out There" and how do you go about finding it?

A: I would agree that NYC is quickly losing its creative, quirky, and interesting people at a faster rate then ever due to soaring rent prices and the general suburbanization that seems to be unstoppable as of late.

Having moved to the city in 1999, I feel fortunate to have been able to experience a great deal of what was remaining of the gritty and alternative spirit, and I hope that with this project, I can capture those who are still holding on and continuing to keep New York, New York.

There are still many amazing small designers, event producers, cabaret performers, restaurateurs, and artists creating, living, and giving their all here. I want to help audiences learn about these people and places.

Q: How do you respond to those who might say that, by 1999, the gritty and alternative spirit of New York was already gone?

A: This show will not be focusing on what has been lost, but rather on people and places from the past who are still thriving today. We'll also introduce viewers to new and emerging talent who are keeping the spirit of New York alive through performance, fashion, small businesses, and more.

While it is true that we have lost a tremendous amount of creative capital and places that could only have been found here, this is still the greatest city on earth with lots to uncover.

Q: Who can we look forward to meeting on future episodes?

A: If I reach my goal, I have a number of confirmed guests for the show that exemplify this true New York spirit. Performer and comic Bridget Everett, blind-contour drawing artist Ian Sklarsky, phonograph DJ and vintage barber Michael Haar, and the incredible drag icon Flawless Sabrina, who has lived in her home on the Upper East Side for 47 years, just to name a few.

Performers that I would like to have on the show include mainstays such as actress and performance artist Penny Arcade, cabaret performer Joey Arias, psychedelic artist Joshua Light Show, and young singer and actress Bridget Barkan. They represent the true spirit of the city and offer a nod to the past but with a focus on new works for the future.

Kyle Supley is an actor, singer, and photographer (Instagram: ksuper), as well as an avid mid-century design historian and New York City preservationist.

Please visit Kickstarter to learn more and to help fund Kyle's show. He's only got 15 days to reach his goal or no show.

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This is really cool Kyle! Good luck.